The Llewellyn Lucentezza Frame

All good things must come to an end. This doesn't mean I won't do any hand polished lugs, however the full Lucentezza frames, while beautiful, take up huge amounts of time an energy and are a thing of my past. I have set the price accordingly. The current Lucentezza will be the last Lucentezza unless something amazing happens. I really enjoyed bringing this work to riders around the world, but the Last Lucentezza took almost three months of solid work which is not sustainable.

Lucentezza polished stainless steel head tube lugsLlewellyn Lucentezza frames are often referred to as the Sunday “Tuxedo” frame. The time required to produce this exceptional and unique outcome is considerable. All the features of Llewellyn Signature finish-frames are here, but the aesthetics of the Signature frame’s lugs and fork crown are taken to another level by the use of hand shaped stainless steel lugs which are then mirror polished. The stainless polished lugged Llewellyn stem is also included in the Lucentezza package. The rear brake cable is internally routed inside the top tube using stainless steel fittings. (The bottom bracket shell is not polished.)

The stainless steel frame lugs, fork crown, dropouts, and stem lug shorelines are all custom hand cut by my hands to unique shapes before brazing. Then, all of the stainless steel lugs and dropouts are laboriously hand filed and hand sanded in many steps to give the sharpest and most even finish possible before polishing to mirror finish. This cannot be done by machine tools, it must be done by hand if one is seeking the highest quality finish result.

Lucentezza DetailsA custom machined aluminium stem spacer is also included if required and this is polished and painted with the frame to compliment the frame’s appearance (paint only with the Custodian and Manorina frames).

The average time I spend on the metal work of a Lucentezza frame set (frame, fork, stem) is 250 hours. Just polishing the two handle bar stem lugs alone is around 8-9 hours. The post-paint demasking and finish polishing will take two full day’s careful work. The skill and care in this style of frame construction process gives the renowned level of finish which has won Llewellyn frames numerous international awards.

All of the attention to detail and polished lugs do not add or detract from the frame’s performance, it is purely the most detailed level of frame construction possible for the frame connoisseur’s appreciation. Lucentezza frames can be ridden just as hard and often as any Llewellyn frame as there is no compromise to the frame’s structural integrity. However, careful, diligent washing and maintenance is recommended to preserve the beautiful lustre of the stainless steel and paint work.

Lucentezza featuresLucentezza seat tube and head tube lugs

Optional Extras

Rear view and stem view of the Lucentezza